Redesign: Where to put post dates and categories?

One of the little decisions I get to make is where to locate the date and/or time of a post and its corresponding categories.

One option, place all that meta-info near the top/title. A second option is to put all that meta-info after the main text of the article – at the bottom. Another option is to place the date near the top of the article while the categories are written out beneath it. And the fourth option (if I decide to use a post’s time stamp instead of just the date) is to have the date at the top, the time and categories at the bottom.

I took a quick survey of sites that I visit regularly and are written by people I respect. Here are the results I came up with. I tried to be consistent with my descriptions of where the meta-data lies, especially when the location of the data changes. For example, I used the “&” symbol to separate where the data lies first on the home page, then where it lies when viewing a full article.

Site Date Time Categories Notes
mezzoblue top & bottom none & top bottom He does not put the time in until you go to the full article. And in the full article, Dave has a meta-data blurb at the bottom which repeats the date in a sentence.
zeldman top top bottom if two posts are on the same day, he does not repeat the date for the second and subsequent posts top bottom bottom bottom none bottom
wasp top none bottom & top When you go to the full article, you get the categories at the top of the article. none none none none of it – strange for a usability site.
dooce top none bottom – cultofmac top bottom top category on top?
joelonsoftware top none none no categories
simplebits top none bottom
kottke bottom & top & sidebar none & top none & sidebar near the top when looking at a detailed article, a sidebar appears on the right with category and date, but time stays near the article title.
anil dash top & sidebar near the top none & sidebar near the top none
alistapart top none none & top/bottom when in detailed article, category appears both on top and beneath article.
bigger in japan top none do not know The friends’ blogs I looked at did not use categories, but I am not sure if that was only because they chose not to use categories, or where categories would be if they used it.
slashdot top top top using icons floated right
cnet top top bottom only when viewing the full article do any of these things appear. The front page only has title and teaser text.
cbcradio3 top none none
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