So I have had the urge to redesign this site again. I am using WordPressdefault theme (Kubrick) with my own banner image and some small changes for Flickr and the location of the main blog’s name/header. I am not sure what compels me to do this. I have only limited time, and my time will only shrink once the twins arrive. We’ll see how far I get in the process. Speaking of process, I have decided to subject this particular redesign to an actual process – one that I have learned from my time working the internet.

The first task is usually to do the strategy and planning. This site has always fallen on the more personal side of the work/personal balance. It will continue to do so. That said, this redesign and the accompanying process begins to introduce a more professional aspect to the site. Here is a list (in no particular order) of some stuff that the redesign should accomplish:

  • Continue allowing me to talk about whatever I want and allow or disallow comments on those items
  • Give more focus to the music, books, and movies that my opinionated ass thinks the world should or should not hear.
  • Act as an example of whatever web-building skills I have under my belt
  • Validate as XHTML 1 Transitional
  • Validate CSS1/2
  • Let me tell people what internets I feel are important through the blogroll
  • Allow people to browse the posts by category and by date (pretty standard stuff)
  • Let potential employers find a link to my résumé

That is about all the strategy and planning for the site that I can muster. Plus, Caitlin is waking and up and I have diapers to change.

Next time, the planning continues with the wireframe (aka Interaction Design Document) (aka Boxes and Lines).

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