Hey hippies, please help me understand something about those plastic bags

OK, I understand the benefits of using reusable shopping bags. I use them most of the time, really I do. But let’s say that, in the past, I reused them for groceries, and then eventually I used them as garbage bags. In fact, all of our household garbage bags used to be those plastic grocery bags. They were a handy size for our bins, and they cost me nothing. Now I purchase plastic garbage bags instead.

I am having trouble seeing where I am saving the environment by using reusable grocery bags, yet purchasing plastic garbage bags. There might be some argument made that the total volume of garbage in a somewhat larger garbage bag saves some amount of plastic, but the total savings seems so minimal that it approaches no plastic savings at all. Moreover, I now spend money to purchase new plastic to throw away; my garbage bags are no longer free.

Is there something about my situation that I am not seeing?

And by the way, in an effort to boost my green credibility – we compost plus we recycle everything the city allows us to.

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