That YouTube movie: Life in a Day

Did you watch it yet? You should.

First thoughts:
It is life affirming.
It affirms my faith in humans.
It makes me want to create things.
It makes me want to become a better storyteller.
It makes me want to hold my kids and wife.
It made me laugh out loud more than once.

About that “What do you fear?” section:
I found it funny that the soundtrack over the fear section made riding a roller coaster, and being in a limo full of hot girls, and watching cheerleaders at a football game seem like seriously scary propositions. But there were legitimately creepy things there: like those monkeys in masks begging on the streets… creepy.

About the music:
The soundtrack for the whole thing was fantastic. It played perfectly against the images, and sometimes it twisted what would otherwise be a banal scene into something completely opposite (as in the fear section above).

About sentimentality:
There were moments that I was on the verge of tears (of both joy and sadness). Maybe it’s because of fatherhood, or maybe because I’m older. I am more sentimental now than ever – and every year seems to make me more so. These moments stick out:
– the photojournalist in Afghanistan clips interspersed with the army wife clips
– all those babies
– the shoeshine kid
– the gay guy coming out to his grandmother over the telephone

About more information:
For me (because I’m an info junkie) the film begs to have more layers of information. I would have loved to see where on earth each clip is taken, and what time of day, and some subtitles for some scenes. Perhaps it’s already planned for the film’s future, or perhaps some enterprising young creative mind will take it on.

The film moved me. Thanks to the filmmakers, and thanks to the people of the YouTubes.

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