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Media Temple and Customer Service and Transparency

This blog post is from the company that hosts my website(s). They are basically saying ‘We messed up. We’re sorry. This is why it happened. This is what we are going to do to ensure it (probably) will not happen again.” The essence of the post, while full of technical details, is not out of […]

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Here is test iphone post

Just testing mobile blog app. Carry on.

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It’s a blog again

So I decided to start writing again. Twitter and Facebook are fine for what they do, but this format just has some more stuff I can do. Plus, it keeps me active with WordPress and that’s important to me. Stay tuned folks, I might have some stuff to say, or I’ll outsource it all.

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Camino 1.0.3 vs Firefox 2.0

I have always had Firefox on my computer and used it for development, but it always felt too slow for everyday browsing. So I gave it up for Safari, then I gave Safari up for Camino (a while back I raved about Camino and listed reasons why I switched), Firefox 2.0 was released recently and […]

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betamale is finally

I started using a few weeks back. If you want to know what I am looking at on the internet, then keep up with this page.

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Link Roundup

It’s been a while and I had some internet to catch up on (thanks to the mailing list). Almost all are videos, except the game: Learn English through Song Scruffs Workwear – Blue Collar meets Blue Movies Big Deck – Starts slowly, but it builds Special Massage Chairs Real Riding – Moto Game play the […]

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Watch this and laugh. It is made by the same guy that directed Thank You For Smoking (not yet seen, but on the list). Thanks to Maria for the link.

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Redesign: Where to put post dates and categories?

One of the little decisions I get to make is where to locate the date and/or time of a post and its corresponding categories. One option, place all that meta-info near the top/title. A second option is to put all that meta-info after the main text of the article – at the bottom. Another option […]

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Redesign: Wireframes: Not Done

It seems that applying the traditional site building process to my own microscopic piece of the web is proving difficult. I am finding that I alone have to make the multiple little decisions that go into every site. This should not be a suprise to me, but it is. I thought that this process would […]

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So I have had the urge to redesign this site again. I am using WordPress‘ default theme (Kubrick) with my own banner image and some small changes for Flickr and the location of the main blog’s name/header. I am not sure what compels me to do this. I have only limited time, and my time […]

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We can, we can, demolish forty beers

They are the UBC Engineers. And they can build a damn efficient gas-powered vehicle somewhere in between drinking binges too. Vancouver to Halifax using about a gallon (3.79L) of gas. via Slashdot

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Cheer Up

I am on the cusp of turning 33, and yet I will still howl with laughter at stuff like this. I don’t care if I can’t hear them fancy teenster ring tones. This makes me feel young and stupid.

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Instructional Music Video Mashup

Thanks to Jeremy for this link. Surprisingly catchy. Needs audio.

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I am (almost) old.

The CBC Radio 3 blog has a story about a high pitched noise that only young people can hear. It was originally intended to get rid of the loitering masses, but instead has been turned around by kids and used as a ringtone that oldies cannot hear. I tried to listen to the ring tone […]

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Security Shmeshurity

Introducing a trojan virus into a bank’s system is ridiculously easy.

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How Not to Steal a Sidekick

I hate thieves; therefore, I love when thieves get pwn3d! Here is the glory.

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CBC Redesign has redesigned and it even almost validates. When I checked, the site only threw a couple of small validation errors for non-SGML characters, but overall it is impressively executed. It is still usable. The new page layouts and visual design solved many of the old site’s problems. The only critique that I have is […]

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Hey Kids – King of Pop Quiz!

I got 13 of 15. Go take it yourself.

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Stock Photography Clichés

Funny. Well, at least I thought so.

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I have posted dozens of pics on Flickr (including an entire set of our Hawaiian trip just before Christmas 2005) in the past couple of days. I will probably continue to do more for a bit until I feel like I have caught up. Enjoy.

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Link Roundup

Darth calls the Emperor Jedi Breakfast Shredisode IV Coyote vs. Acme Written Legal Proceedings Silent Library News Misstep Google in 20 Years

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Signs Signs Everywhere…

And some are funny. Thanks to Jason for the tip. Update: It’s gone from that server now.

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Bare Bones Clever-osity

I downloaded the latest version of Textwrangler from those clever code monkeys at Bare Bones Software. They gave me a pleasant surprise when I discovered that they had included a shortcut to my Applications folder in the disk image (this is when installing on Mac OS X, so Windows users can look away). This means […]

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Chawesome Steez

Go ahead call me a geek. Go ahead. I will still love this shirt. Thanks to Mezzoblue for the tip.

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Microsoft iPod Redesign

This link was found on Zeldman. Very funny.

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I wish the iPod Nano had Autofill

I completely agree with this guy who wants the same thing. I have wondered why Apple did not do this earlier. And now that they have the 1GB Nano out, it’s even more reason to implement this feature. Please, pretty please.

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Lawrence Lessig Keynote

This speech is well written, well spoken, and probably a bit prophetic too. Thanks to Taz for the link.

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Camino? Cami-YES!

If you own a Mac, then grab Camino 1.0. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Critics everywhere agree that it is great. Why I like it better than Safari so far: When filling out the form to write this post AND I absent-mindedly filled in the address bar to go to another site, it gave me […]

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No units for line-height in css

Eric Meyer, you are a very useful human being. Thank You.

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Joel on Software on Design

I must gush over what Joel Spolsky is doing on his blog. He is delving, once again, into the world of design. His writing is clear, concise, sometimes even humourous, but always exceptionally readable. Thus, his take on the design of everyday and not-so-everyday things is a must-read (did you notice and did your jaw […]

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