Aswang Movie

My sister is filming a movie. The director, Jordan Clark, is writing a blog about his filming process. I found it interesting, but you can make up your own mind. Here it is.

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Instructional Music Video Mashup

Thanks to Jeremy for this link. Surprisingly catchy. Needs audio.

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Heavy Musical Rotation

I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time with these albums (is ‘albums’ even a word now?):

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat

Band of Horses – Everything All The Time

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I am (almost) old.

The CBC Radio 3 blog has a story about a high pitched noise that only young people can hear. It was originally intended to get rid of the loitering masses, but instead has been turned around by kids and used as a ringtone that oldies cannot hear. I tried to listen to the ring tone but only managed to hear its beginning. It is very high-pitched and I could only hear it when all other noise is silenced. I could not tell when the noise stopped.

Can you hear it? It is the noise of my bones creaking. It is the noise of my unapologetic longing for a minivan. I am not usually affected by age-related stuff, but this story really got under my skin.

Here is the NY Times story.

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Betamale vs Music Critics

Although Scott Walker’s album The Drift is critically acclaimed. I just don’t get it.
The same can be said for the 2005 release by Animal Collective – Feels. I just didn’t get it.

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Security Shmeshurity

Introducing a trojan virus into a bank’s system is ridiculously easy.

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How Not to Steal a Sidekick

I hate thieves; therefore, I love when thieves get pwn3d!

Here is the glory.

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Umm Wow


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CBC Redesign has redesigned and it even almost validates. When I checked, the site only threw a couple of small validation errors for non-SGML characters, but overall it is impressively executed. It is still usable. The new page layouts and visual design solved many of the old site’s problems. The only critique that I have is the typographic choice of the ‘secondary headlines’ beneath the main story. The font is a bit small and gets lost underneath the main feature. Mostly awesome example of a large corporate redesign.

On the other hand, the Globe and Mail redesign that was pushed live about one or two months ago was not as successful. The homogeneity of the structure and visuals do not give enough focus to the elements that require it. Plus, the brand identity of the online and print media have diverged. I am a firm believer in maintaining consistency of a brand, especially when the brand is a long-standing one that is commonly associated with integrity and trust.

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Hey Kids – King of Pop Quiz!

I got 13 of 15. Go take it yourself.

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Stock Photography Clichés

Funny. Well, at least I thought so.

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I have posted dozens of pics on Flickr (including an entire set of our Hawaiian trip just before Christmas 2005) in the past couple of days. I will probably continue to do more for a bit until I feel like I have caught up. Enjoy.

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Link Roundup

Darth calls the Emperor

Jedi Breakfast

Shredisode IV

Coyote vs. Acme Written Legal Proceedings

Silent Library

News Misstep

Google in 20 Years

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Signs Signs Everywhere…

And some are funny.

Thanks to Jason for the tip.

Update: It’s gone from that server now.

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Country Music

If all country music sounded like Neko Case, My Morning Jacket, Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co., and Wilco. Well gawlee, I would listen to a bunch more country music. As it is, this genre is mostly the same shitty commercial pop music sung by somebody in a cowboy hat and a southern twang. And in Shania Twain’s case, she doesn’t even need to wear that damn hat! (Which not to say that I don’t find her sexy. I just don’t dig her music.)

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Hello Internet – The Twins Are Girls

We found this out some time ago, but the twins are girls according to the ultrasound technician. This has all sorts of implications that I am still sorting out, but I will not go into them in this post.

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Bare Bones Clever-osity

I downloaded the latest version of Textwrangler from those clever code monkeys at Bare Bones Software. They gave me a pleasant surprise when I discovered that they had included a shortcut to my Applications folder in the disk image (this is when installing on Mac OS X, so Windows users can look away). This means that I could simply drag the application icon on top of the Applications icon in the same Finder window. Nifty piece of usability – a good idea and well executed. Image included below.

Text Wrangler Install Image

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Oh, fer Crissakes!

I look forward to Rrrroll up the Rim season at Tim Horton’s. And now I find out that all is not sweet in doughnut land? It’s like breaking the news about Santa Claus all over again.

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Chawesome Steez

Go ahead call me a geek. Go ahead. I will still love this shirt.

Thanks to Mezzoblue for the tip.

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Microsoft iPod Redesign

This link was found on Zeldman. Very funny.

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Hello Internet. It’s Twins.

I don’t really know why I am writing this because most people who read this already know. But just in case you, the reader, happen to care and still do not know – we are pregnant again, and it’s going to be twins.

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Not Fishing

This is not fishing. I have no idea what language they are speaking – Portuguese maybe? I can’t tell.
Thanks to Leanne for the tip.

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Father of the Year

Just because I think that this video is awesome – does that make me unfit to raise my daughter? Maybe, but does using the word ‘awesome’ make me equally unfit? More likely.

Thanks to Memepool yet again for the link.

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BC Budget Shoes

It really irks me to see the news media take our Finance Minister to task for the shoes she bought to present the budget (an old BC tradition). I don’t give a rat’s ass about what she spends on her shoes as long as she doesn’t spend my tax money on it.

Did taxpayers buy her shoes? No.

Did she get a raise that allowed her to buy these shoes? No.

End of story. Now, give me some of that budget surplus Carole.

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I wish the iPod Nano had Autofill

I completely agree with this guy who wants the same thing. I have wondered why Apple did not do this earlier. And now that they have the 1GB Nano out, it’s even more reason to implement this feature. Please, pretty please.

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Lawrence Lessig Keynote

This speech is well written, well spoken, and probably a bit prophetic too.

Thanks to Taz for the link.

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Camino? Cami-YES!

If you own a Mac, then grab Camino 1.0. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Critics everywhere agree that it is great.

Why I like it better than Safari so far:
  1. When filling out the form to write this post AND I absent-mindedly filled in the address bar to go to another site, it gave me a warning message to make sure that I wanted to navigate away from the page. It mentioned that I would lose my changes on the form if I did so. It was smart enough to know that I was filling out a form. I liked this gentle reminder. It could only have been improved by asking me if I wanted to see that message again.
  2. Ability to add separators easily. Some people have been able to hack a bit at Safari to add separators in the bookmark bar dropdowns, but it’s not easy.
  3. Super fast at loading pages and loading its own damn self. I always was bothered by Firefox in that regard. It is devastatingly slow to load the program, and some web pages. I am running a Powerbook G4 1GHz and it still felt slow. Camino kicks its ass in speed. And it fares similarly to Safari so far, which is fast and why I switched from Firefox to Safari.
  4. Ridiculously easy import feature for bookmarks. I took the bookmarks from Safari in seconds. I remember that getting them to and from Firefox and Safari was more painful. More specifically, I found it painful to get my Firefox bookmarks into Safari when I decided to use Safari for everyday browsing.
  5. Allows me to get my site stats whereas Safari does not do this cleanly. I would have to load up Firefox for that. Stupid website stat tracker.
  6. WordPress wysiwyg toolbar works. It does not work in Safari, so I would have to load up Firefox to write anything.
I wish it also had (or perhaps I just have not yet discovered the features yet):
  1. A “Go” button that I can add to the toolbar. I know that this seems a little redundant especially because almost the only time when I would use a “Go” button would be if I typed in the address manually or copy/pasted. This would mean that my hands are already on the keyboard and it would be easier to click the Return key at that point. But there are times when I am browsing and use my mouse to right-click copy/paste. This happens more times than even I expect it to, but these are exactly the times when I want the “Go” button. For the record Safari does not have a “Go” button either, but Firefox does.
  2. The I-could-not-imagine-building-sites-without-it Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick. Please Mr Pederick? Pretty please?
  3. A prettier Safari-like interface. But there will be a theme I am sure to like out there.

So the final verdict is that I think I will end up switching my default browser to Camino, but I will still use Firefox for building and testing sites because of the Developer Toolbar. Change is good.

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No units for line-height in css

Eric Meyer, you are a very useful human being. Thank You.

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Very excited about this. Even more excited that they will be in our fair city in four short years. A bit sad that this is the last CBC coverage I will see of the Olympics in some time.

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Sad Sadness

Because I am a father, the story of Sherry Charlie hits me harder now than it would have even 14 months ago just before Caitlin was born. I can usually stomach most news stories, but I had to mute and turn away from the television coverage on CBC of the Sherry Charlie case in which her killer described the details of her death. I then thought more about it for a second and turned back to watch it. I was compelled to go back to the story because of something that Ernie once wrote. I could not find his post, so I will write what I took away from it: we must acknowledge the worst of human nature so that we can appreciate how good we have it and know enough to avoid the ugliness.

After turning back to the program, I can honestly say that I could have done without knowing about that specific gutter of humanity.

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